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Sandeep Gill

An experienced and independent management consultant with a demonstrated history of working in the public and private healthcare industry. 

Over ten years of commercial experience within the healthcare industry and eight years of diagnostic laboratory experience.

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Sandeep Gill



An experienced and creative leader with a consultative approach selling into public and private healthcare. Hard-working with a wealth of commercial skills acquired across a wide range of demanding roles, transferable across various industries. Over ten years of experience in managed services within the healthcare industry. My strengths are making complex ideas clear and achievable by working alongside clinical, financial, and procurement divisions to solve their key issues. I enjoy working within a small/medium business environment and can bring extensive learned experiences to the table.

I bring a practical approach to business development and look for gaps in the market. I have been a part of the healthcare sector since 2006 and commercially since 2012, and have worked extensively with private companies, the NHS for many years, and a US-based company accessing the UK market. I have high-level contacts across 40+ Trusts spanning from clinical, procurement and finance. I have led bids on large scale tenders and frameworks for managed services and have successfully generated business from those appointments.

Before joining the commercial sector, I completed a BSc (Hons) in Genetics. I completed eight years of diagnostic laboratory experience (Molecular Genetics, Haematology, Blood Cancers & Forensics) in the private sector and NHS.

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Accessing Public Sector

Accessing UK Healthcare Sector

Public Sector procurement processes

Successful framework bidding

Management and growth strategy of large complex multi-clinical, multi-vendor accounts

Partnerships & Strategy

Business development and strategy

Relationships with the MedTech industry and NHS Trusts and Health Boards

Managed Services

Market research & insights

Development and execution of new product marketing

Business Plan
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Sandeep Gill is a knowledgeable and highly professional Commercial Director. Working in the field of vendor neutral managed services Sandeep has developed a wide service knowledge of Pathology, Genetics, Radiology, Endoscopy and Fertility Healthcare Facilities. In that time Sandeep managed a team of four whilst reporting to Board on all management information required. It was my pleasure to work with her for the last two years and her calm demeanour and thoroughly professional attitude throughout ensuring a motivated and successful team performance.

Sandeep is an inspirational leader who empowers her team members to take control of their roles and excel. Knowledgeable, motivational and driven, Sandeep is an excellent manager of people; allowing her team to manage their success whilst providing support where required. Whatever Sandeep's future holds, she will be a great asset to any organisation and I plan to keep in touch to follow her successes.

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